Songs for the Eastern Seaboard

by Forest Frontiers

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Carry my skeleton back to the sea. Carry my skeleton back to me. Carry it atop Stone Mountain, let the sun wash my skull of all its little stains. Drag it through the streets of Atlanta, down the drag of Little Five Points, into every record store and coffeeshop and overpriced restaurant (give my fingers to the homeless, they need them more than I do). Sling it over your shoulder and hike up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains. Carry my skeleton to Tennessee. Carry my skeleton back to me. Put it in a canoe and paddle down the Chattanooga, the Hiwassee, the Nantahala. Throw it off Norris Dam, skidding down the wall of concrete (manmade and ugly and beautiful, strong as a mountain, weaker than TNT). Carry my skeleton through Kentucky. Carry my skeleton back to me. Sling it on a thoroughbred and have it ride through to West Virginia. Buy it a ticket on a steamboat and have it ride halfway up the Potomac. Take it on a detour to Washington, D.C., up the elevator of the Washington Monument, down Embassy Row, let the history sink into my bones. Take it for a ride on the metro. Carry my skeleton to Lake Erie. Carry my skeleton back to me. Drive it up I-75 to Cincinnati, dying slowly, so slowly, as the Ohio River sings it a lullabye. Drive it to Youngstown among the broken buildings and rotting concrete. Drive it to Akron, a baby phoenix, rising up from a pool of ash and shredded rubber. Carry it to Lake Erie. Carry it to where the snow mixes in with the runoff. Every drop of blood on the sidewalk, every cigarette flicked out a car window, every broken bottle of beer, every tear; it all goes home to the watershed. That’s where I’ll be.

This album is an ode to the midwest, south, and east. The places we call home.

Recorded at Stylefire Athens November-December 2012 & Silver Ridge Studios November 2012

Mixed/Mastered at Stylefire Athens December 2012

Stylefire Records 2012. STF 006.


released December 18, 2012

jonathan mackall: music, instruments
jonah ort: words, vocals

nick seman: production, engineering, artwork, mixing, mastering, room, record label, guy on the cover

delphine gamin: cover photograph



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Forest Frontiers Athens, Ohio

jonathan mackall and jonah ort

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